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Welcome to Moonfull Crystals

Moonfull Crystals is open to all! Situated in Parkview Shopping Centre, Moreleta Park, Pretoria, South Africa - Moonfull Crystals is for everyone from those who work with the healing energies of the stones, crystals and minerals, to those who are just so in awe of their colour formations and beauty, those who are mineral collectors who are looking to add to their collection of rare minerals and of course, the child who just likes to be around natural things.

Looking for an affordable or unique gift ... you will be sure to find it at Moonfull Crystals. We also stock jewellery set in silver & made from crystals, semi precious gemstones, and equipment to create and design your own jewellery.

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Crystals From Around the World

Nature with its abundance of beauty has always fascinated me. So when working, looking and choosing crystals I am always reminded how much we are spoilt in what is so freely given to us to enjoy and even to be able to make a living from!

Throughout my life, natural healing and a natural way of life has always been the easiest path for me to follow and to understand. So when I found myself practicing and teaching Reiki, working and selling crystals was a great bonus to me.

Around 2000 a friend offered her crystals business to me. Over the years this has allowed me not only to expand my healing practice but to travel worldwide meeting so many wonderful and interesting people from all walks of life. Needless to say how exciting it is for me to find new crystals along the way. Countries that I travel during the year are the USA (Tucson, Arizona), China (Hong Kong), Germany (Munich), Switzerland, Spain and Australia.

And so in September of 2006, after a lot of encouragement from my family, colleagues and friends, I opened Moonfull Crystals in Pretoria. We are still here and going strong.

Thought To Ponder On:
What I think - Become my words - Become my actions - Become my life!

~ Arlene

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