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Crystal and Gemstone Healing Properties, A - C

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries for their energy and metaphysical properties. Crystal energy healing can be used in conjunction with professional medical treatment to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. There are no negative side effects to crystal energy healing nor will it react with other treatments. Below, you will find many ways to utilize crystals and gemstones in energy healing. The wording on the properties/meanings of the different minerals/crystals/stones may bring some understanding as to why you have been drawn to that paticular one.

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Agate crystal

Agate is a grounding crystal. Improves perception and analytical qualities. Balances yin and yang, harmonizes physical, emotional, mental and etheric qualities. Soothing and calming. Raises consciousness and builds self confidence. Stabilizes the aura, eliminates negativity. Helps one to overcome bitterness of inner anger. Fosters love, truthfulness and courage.

Agate, Blue Lace

Agate, Blue Lace – enhances perceptiveness. Highly inspirational. Stimulates analytical capabilities. Awakens latent talents. Stabilizes the aura. Balances energies.


Amber changes negative energy into a positive one. Cleanses the chakras. Assists one to make choices. Purifies the environment. Amber helps heal goitre, throat diseases, kidneys and bladder.

Amethyst crystal

Amethyst is the crystal of spirituality and contentment. Helps business affairs to prosper, promotes intellectual reasoning and encourages co-operation. Soothes, calms and relieves stress, bringing peace. Relieves insomnia, headaches and mental disorders. Protects against all strong emotions such as anger, hate, envy and fear. Excellent for meditating.


Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. Enhances universal equilibrium and provides a clear connection between the physical form and the ultimate state of perfection. It helps balance the male-female qualities. Encourages spiritual awareness, in meditation and attunement. It repels negativity.


Andalusite can be used to promote viewing the different facets of one’s character and one’s emotional, physical and intellectual being while allowing one to remain grounded and unbiased about the results. It promotes the chivalrous aspects of one’s character and encourages moderation in all things.


Angelite may help to balance the physical as well as the emotional body. Good for communication and telepathy. Calms and may help in the search for new directions.

Apache Tear

Apache Tear (Obsidian) is an excellent grounding stone. Provides very blunt answers to one’s visions. A good healing stone, stabilizes energies. Helps to enhance inner visions.

Apatite crystal

Apatite stimulates the intellect and promotes realization that one’s strength occurs through both spiritual avenues and love. Repels negativity. Balancing crystal and aids in healing. Stone of the future and brings knowledge to those attuned to it by clearing mental confusion.


Apophyllite has a high water content which makes it a very efficient conductor of energy and a carrier of the Akashic Records. It creates a conscious connection between the physical and the spiritual realms. It is regarded as the crystal par excellence to assist with Reiki healing, allowing one into a deeper state of relaxation. Stilbite is a highly creative stone that opens the intuition and carries a loving and supportive vibration in any endeavour.

Aqua Aura

Aqua Aura – spiritual elevation – highly stimulating to throat chakra. Enhances one’s ability to communicate. Soothes anger, cools feverishness and releases stress. Aqua Aura promotes inner beauty, attracts wealth and success, enhances esoteric wisdom, relieves depression and creates an aura of peace.

Aquamarine crystal

Aquamarine is the crystal of courage and for mystics. Good for meditation and spirituality. Promotes tolerance in judgemental people, enhances connection with the higher self.


Aragonite provides for ease of centering oneself, and is especially helpful during periods of stress and anger, or during preparation for meditation. It can also provide insight into the basis of problems which one confronts on the physical plane and can stimulate communication on the higher planes. It can, when consciously directed help one to maintain strict discipline within ones activities.


Aventurine amplifies leadership qualities. Promotes emotional tranquillity and a positive attitude towards life. Reinforces decisiveness. Emits calming cooling energy and reinstates self love.

Azurite crystal

Azurite – crystal of heaven – helps to reduce indecision and bring relief from troubling thoughts and worries. It promotes self confidence. Helps in meditation. It aligns the chakras allowing unimpeded energy to flow. Used to relieve any problems in the area of the lungs, either in the physical or emotional.

Barite Rose mineral

Barite Rose – all forms of barite produce an incentive to ‘go for one’s dreams’ without restraint. In the Native American religion, it is said that Indian warriors who had shifted from the physical world to the spiritual world, returned at night and carved the barite roses. This mineral enhances friendship, harmony and love and can provide insight into the ‘relationship connection.’ It provides strong, yet delicate connection to the spiritual world, assisting one on the path towards the journey AND the goal.


Beryl in general eases pressure and is recommended for lazy people. Encourages mental clarity and can be used as a mental balancer. Provides protection, soothes grief and helps one to be more tolerant.

Bismuth mineral

Bismuth – the main mineral this is made of exists in nature, but the known Bismith is man-made. Provides stability and the ability to progress. Lightens collective work expecially in attaining a common goal. Eases emotional and spiritual loneliness. Increases happiness. (Do not place in drinking water.)

Bloodstone crystal

Bloodstone – dark green, shiny green with bright red jasper flecks or patches. Legend says the red spots are the blood of Christ at the cross. Intensely healing crystal, brings courage and strengthens the will. Balances spiritual forces. Reduces emotional stress. Enhances creativity, revitalises love, relationships and friendships. Makes a good elixir for cleaning toxins from the system. Blood, kidneys, bladder, intestines, liver and leukaemia.


Bronzite encourages achievement, courtesy and equal attitude to all. Recommended to those who work in any kind of service. Strengthens decisiveness. May heal lower back and provide strength.


Calcite releases emotional blockages and encourages the spontaneous expression of joy and love. Calcite is an energy amplifier. It is used for astral travel and channelling. It brings an energy that clears and activates all the chakras. Excellent for those studying the arts and sciences.


Carnelian stimulates precision and analytical ability. Enhances perceptibility. Awakens talents, protects against envy, fear and rage. Banishes emotional sorrows. Brings a message of love. Stimulates inquisitiveness and initiative. Increases energy, personal power, creativity and compassion.

Celestite crystal

Celestite – a new age crystal, contains energies connected to the ‘angel world.’ Provides a feeling of very calm power and mental purity. Enables awareness for the brain to enter the heavenly reality where thoughts are free from any concerns and are not influenced by previous ideas. Helps preserve a sensation of security. Very calming and helps the flow of peaceful communication and the general flow of life.


Chalcedony relieves hostilities, irritability and depression. Stimulates optimism and goodwill. Enhances generosity and receptivity. Balances energies of the body, mind and spirit.


Chrysanthemum – stone of harmony, encourages correlation between the two. Enhances compatibility, excellent for renewal of relationships, to progress towards unity. Brings the message ‘Enjoy each moment!’ Dispels ignorance, bigotry and self righteous attitudes, bringing love to all.


Chrysoprase balances yin-yang. Aligns the chakras, activates, opens and energizes the heart chakra. Brings energy to the physical body, instils grace within the user, facilitating deep meditative states, compassion and clemency. Provides non-judgemental attitudes. Acceptance of others and of self.


Cinnabar bestows both an aesthetically appealing and elegant demeanour. It stimulates dignity, vitality and power, beneficial in the world of business and finance. Cinnabar is one of the stones to be called a ‘merchant stone’; placing a cluster or crystal in one’s cash box has produced an increase in income. Assisting one to acquire wealth and to maintain the state of it too. Flexibility in movements and helps in the treatment of weight disorders.

Citrine crystal

Citrine – a merchant crystal – helps acquire and retain wealth. Stimulates mental focus and endurance. Helps dispense fear. Brings positive energy to education, business pursuits and inter personal relationships. Stabilises emotions, dispels anger. Aids digestion and treatment of digestive disorders.


Coral – many beliefs are connected to this stone which originated in water. Used to block out negative powers, to stop the flow of blood and to reduce fever. Children wore coral to protect them from danger. In Africa, the coral was considered a most highly valued gift. Calms emotions and leads to inner tranquillity. Eases depression, good for emotional balance and reduces sensitivity. Strengthens bones and blood.

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