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Crystal and Gemstone Healing Properties, A - C

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries for their energy and metaphysical properties. Crystal energy healing can be used in conjunction with professional medical treatment to improve physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being. There are no negative side effects to crystal energy healing nor will it react with other treatments. Below, you will find many ways to utilize crystals and gemstones in energy healing. The wording on the properties/meanings of the different minerals/crystals/stones may bring some understanding as to why you have been drawn to that paticular one.

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Dioptase crystal

Dioptase can be used to both clear and stimulate all chakras to a higher lever of awareness and action, bringing an invigoration and refreshing energy to the physical, emotional, and intellectual bodies. Can bring forth and help one to understand the message, ‘Yesterday is but a memory, tomorrow is but a vision, and TODAY IS REAL’ – living in the moment is the energy of this crystal.

Emerald gemstone

Emerald – gemstone of successful love. Instils loyalty and sensitivity. Enhances mental capacity. Brings harmony and eliminates negativity. Assists one in meditation. Brings luck in legal matters.


Epidote is truly a stone to experience in all aspects of life. It dispels critical-ness, enhances keen perception, stimulates participation and interaction, and supplements personal power. It can be used in the treatment of disorders associated with the nervous system, brain and thyroid.

Fluorite crystal

Fluorite brings order to chaos. Provides clear, clean, soft and calm energy. Balances and cleans the intellect, eases pressure, strengthens memory and the ability to concentrate. Strengthens and balances the enamel of teeth and therefore may ease problems connected to teeth and gums. Strengthens the bones and eases rheumatism.


Fuchsite accesses knowledge with great practical value. May help to understand your interaction with other people and relate to basic concerns about life. It facilitates the clear expression of thoughts, and feelings. Fuchsite amplifies the energy of crystals and facilitates their transfer. Helps to control blood sugar and regulates the kidneys.

Garnet gemstone

Garnet – gemstone of commitment – strengthens self-confidence and is recommended to people who always tend to criticize. Strengthens determination and devotion to a cause or goal, to other people and to self obligation. Stimulates awareness to emotional intentions. Garnet strengthens, purifies and provides renewed energy to the body, especially to the blood system.


Geode allows one to both recognise and analise the total picture prior to decision making. It allows one the freedom to mould and to shape one’s own future, and assist one in attaining highly effective communication skills. It furthers connection to the higher forces and the higher planes, stimulating the bridge of association with those of like pursuits.

Gypsum (Desert Rose)

Gypsum (Desert Rose) is considered the ‘Lucky Stone.’ It provides a strong influence for bringing good fortune to its Earth Keeper. Aids coping when one is living in the fast lane. Stimulates progression. Bones, skin, tissue and fertility.


Hematite – crystal of the mind – used for mental attunement and memory enhancement. Promotes original thinking. Helps one realize that the only limits are the ones you place on yourself. Balances yin and yang energies. Dissolves negativity. Aids finding inner peace, meditation, endurance and courage. Good for anaemia, bone fractures and blood disorders.


Howlite encourages ambition, subtlety and tact. Assists in reaching goals. Used to eliminate pain, stress and rage. Facilitates calmness, communications and emotional expression.


Iolite is good for all-over healing. Also for guided meditations. Enhances spiritual growth. Brings harmony to oneself and relationships. Aids responsibility.

Jade crystal

Jade is known as the crystal of heaven. Calms the nervous system. Channels passion in a constructive way. Harmonizes dysfunctional relationships. Protects from nightmares. Very good for cleaning the kidneys. Symbol of purity.

Fancy Jasper

Jasper, Fancy – is a powerful gazing stone and can be use for seeing the recent or ancient past. It is also helpful in shamanic practices as an energetic doorway to the other world. Grounding of mental energies, discipline and perseverance. Slow healing crystal.

Jasper, Ocean

Jasper, Ocean – the flower on this Jasper makes it unique and special. It balances all chakras and strengthens the body. Increases creativity and originality. Helps come up with new ideas and to flourish. Improves the digestive process, eliminating toxins, decreasing body odour or disease.

Jasper, Red

Jasper, Red – brings health, courage and wisdom in undertakings involving risk, inspires fresh ideas. Assists in remembering dreams of consequences. Used to rectify unjust circumstances.


Jet is crystallized charcoal, therefore it is very light. Eases pressure and depression. Strengthens the ability to survive. Keeps away thoughts of fear. Provides protection from diseases and violence. Encourages economic stability.


Kunzite promotes peace, inner strength, self love and self worth. Stimulates sensitivity and sensuality. Removes obstacles. Aids relaxation. Protects aura, shields against unwanted energies.


Kyanite – unlimited energy. Never needs cleansing. Cannot contain negative energy. Opens and aligns all chakras automatically. Brings tranquillity. Good for both meditation and astral travel. Promotes dream recollections and understanding of dreams.

Labradorite crystal

Labradorite is a protective crystal, deflecting unwanted energies from the aura and preventing energy leakage. Aligns physical and etheric bodies. Promotes perseverance.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is used to enhance one’s ability to learn and comprehend as it stimulates the mind. Promotes clarity and responsiveness during the release of information. Good for self acceptance, self knowledge, friendship and integrity.


Larimar is used to bring emotional harmony and for clearing and activating the throat chakra. Ideal for cooling anger and bringing joy. Recommended for people who are stressed or are trying to balance many elements at once. It is known for emitting healing and love.


Lepidolite is used for stress reduction and to alleviate despondency. Promotes honesty, diplomacy and communication. Excellent for business pursuits.


Malachite – crystal of transformation – assists one to change situations by creating balance. Malachite promotes fidelity and friendship as well as loyalty in business. Enhances psychic abilities.


Mookaite bestows strength, encourages the desire for variety and new experiences. It helps keep a harmonious balance between external activities and internal processing of impressions derived from such experiences. Stabilizes health. Fortifies the immune system and stimulates the purification of the blood in the liver and spleen.


Moonstone – the stone of purity – for hoping and wishing and also for new beginnings. Allows one to take what is needed from the universe. Gives one access to galactic energies. Enhances perception and psychic powers. A talisman for good fortune.

Moqui Balls / Shaman Stones

Moqui Balls / Shaman Stones – shamanic journeying, soul retrieval. Psychic protection and intuition. Alignment of all chakras and assists one in grounding. Bringing in balance and inner harmony, and helps with psychic protection.

Nebular Stone

Nebular Stone brings spiritual Light into matter, attuning to probable futures, fulfilling one’s highest aspirations, feeling at home within the body and on Earth. Enhances one’s ability to find one’s inner knowledge of the Creator. It assists in recovering one’s power and utilizing it.

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